What do I do if I forgot the answers to my security questions for my DMACC account?

DMACC Tech Support can reset either your Network Password or Web Info System PIN for you. 

Please indicate which account when you notify us.  Also provide your DMACC ID number and date of birth for verification.     Also tell us what you are attempting to log into.
  • myDMACC, Blackboard, campus computers, and DMACC forms use your network username and password.  Webmail uses your email address (network username followed by @dmacc.edu) and your network password.
  • The Web Info System uses your DMACC ID number and PIN.
Notice: FERPA, a Federal Law, prevents us from providing student account information to anyone other than the student directly.  This includes high school students under the age of 18 attending a postsecondary institution.
More Information:  http://www.dmacc.edu/ferpa/Pages/ferpafaq.aspx

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